Cost Of Living In Poland

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Cost Of Living In Poland

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Cost Of Living In Poland, Living Standarts, Poland Travel Guide and Tourist Information

The cost of living in Poland is low since average annual salaries are about 25% of the annual salaries of other EU countries. The cost of living varies from city to city. Warsaw is considered the most expensive city to visit, but the small towns are inexpensive.
Apartment rent in Krakow is very reasonable when it is compared to cities like Boston and New York. An $1800 a month flat in New York would cost $400 in Krakow. Food is about 1/3 the price all over Poland so restaurant prices are reasonable unless the restaurant is in a premier hotel or tourist area. Education, doctor visits, and other services are reasonable all over Poland. People who earn $20,000 USD a year can live comfortably in most cities and town in Poland.

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