Athens Attractions

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Athens Attractions

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Athens Attractions, Sights and Top Tourist Attractions in Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece.
Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece - photo Amarjeetrai

Modern day Athenians and tourists enjoy the 148 theatrical stages around the city, plus the open air garden cinemas and “Megaron Moussikis,” which is the Athens Concert Hall that attracts famous artists from around the world, but that’s only the beginning of what Athens offers its diverse group of residents. Since a large percentage of the population is 36 or younger, the city is filled with clubs, restaurants, cafes and street vendors that bring life to the city day and night. Tourist who spend some time in and around the city take advantage of not only the clubs and restaurants, but the beaches, the hiking, the mountain biking and mountain climbing as well as cruises, swimming, wind surfing, hang gliding, bungee jumping and horseback riding.

Shopping is a national pastime for tourists as well as residents, so Athens has a selection of local, as well as international shops and boutiques.

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Top Tourist Destinations

  • Roman Colosseum - The most famous Roman arena, it’s a must-see.
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Pantheon - Amazing church that’s been in constant use for nearly 2,000 years.
  • Vatican City - Vatican Museums
  • Spanish Steps - (romantic at night)
  • Trevi Fountain - (most famous fountain)
  • Piazza Navona
  • Trastevere Neighborhood - One of Athens’s oldest neighborhoods, it’s popular with budget travelers for its cheap eats & good nightlife
  • Vittorio Emanuele II Monument
  • Cappuchin Crypt
  • Museum of Purgatory
  • Athens Crime Museum
  • Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary
  • Museum of the Sanitary Arts - It’s in a hospital, so I guess it’s sanitary, but it’s still got some creepy elements.
  • Pasta Museum - It’s Italy, so of course there’s a museum dedicated to pasta

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