Athens About & short History

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Athens About & short History

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Athens About & short History, Athens Travel Guide and Online Tourist Information

Athens Olympic Park - Calatravas Olympic Agora
Athens Olympic Park - Calatravas Olympic Agora © Darrell Godliman

Modern Athens

Affectionately known as "Le petit Paris,” Athens is filled with creamy buildings, beautiful gardens and the magnificent scenery of the mountains and sea which has made this part of the world delightfully enchanting, as well as incredibly rich in mythology for the last 4500 years. The lasting scent of orange blossoms and mimosa from hidden groves fills the intoxicating air of this modern city with everlasting touches of love, tragedy, war and nobility. The history of the city circles through the streets of Constitution Square, as well as Concord Square. The capital city of Greece has a population of around 750,000 in the administration limits of the city and close to 4 million people in the 159 square mile area called Athens larger Urban Zone. Considered one of the world’s oldest cities, Athens is the 32nd riches city and the 25th most expensive city in the world. It is a leading business and financial center in the European Union and is a center for arts, philosophy and education.

Athens is called the birthplace of Democracy and the cradle of Western civilization, but continues to be a city filled with contradictory expressions. Athens continues to renew the glory of ancient traditions, but takes pride in her modern achievements.

Athens is surrounded by mountains and the Saronic Gulf is located southwest of the city. Mount Parnitha is now a national park. In the midst of all this beauty the city suffered from temperature inversion for years, which was partly responsible for the overwhelming air pollution issues. Industrial pollution also contributed to her nasty air quality, but thanks to measures taken by city government in the 1990s, smog in now a rare event around Athens.

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