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Spain Travel Guide

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Introducing Spain

Spain Travel Guide: A Treasure Chest of Architectural and Artistic Expressions

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There’s an unmistakable zest for life that vibrates throughout the country of Spain. White-washed villages and medieval towns dot the interior while solitary castles remind the world that Spain has an untamed majesty that permeates the hearts of the locals and stains visitors with its mysterious magic. A Spain travel guide is a trip back to the world of flamenco dancers, bullfighters, nobility, and the common man who lives to drink pitchers of sangria and eat pans of flavorful paella.Spain is a vivid painting wet with the color of Roman relics, unspoiled white sand beaches, baroque cathedrals, and Muslim palaces. Celtic music bounces through the vast countryside where emerald green mountains slip into the mighty blue Atlantic Ocean. International and local architects have left their mark in the signature homes and buildings that make each city in Spain sparkle with vitality. Summer visitors who return to enjoy a Spain travel guide adventure every year fill themselves with tapas and fine wine while they savor the flavor of the captivating as well as mesmerizing countryside and shorelines.

Spain in a Few Words

Capturing the essence of Spain in a few words is not an easy task. The country’s rich culture and ethnic diversity is rolled up into the word “Spanish” but there are distinct differences that emerge as you travel from city to city. Madrid with its grand art museums and beautiful boulevards as well as its almost endless nightlife is a far cry from the peaceful and tranquility that exists in the crystal coves of the Baleric Islands. San Sebastian with its elegant Basque center emits a quality of life that is completely different from the Muslim city of Granada. Barcelona’s two thousand year old history sparkles on its shores and is etched in the faces of its modern day residents.

Spain in a few words is food, fancy and fulfillment. The Spanish have a passion for fine food, and a fancy for the natural beauty that surrounds them. The locals experience the fulfillment of life by appreciating the little things that make life interesting as well as the artistic expressions that make Spain a focal point on the world stage.

Spain City Guides

Spain Travel Guide

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