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Traveling by Air

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Traveling by Air: The Do’s and Don’ts of Booking Air Travel - Travel Tips

Traveling by Air: The Do’s and Don’ts of Booking Air Travel

Finding the best air fare does impact your travel budget, so it’s important to book your flights well ahead of your scheduled departure. You get the best fares when you book in advance and fares are lower when you travel on certain days of the week depending on the time of year, so do a little research on our website before you buy a seat. We’ll help you shop around, so you can find a flight that saves you money.The most convenient way to fly is non-stop or what some airlines call direct. It’s convenient but it usually cost more, unless you book in advance. Non-stop flights fill up faster than connecting flights, so make your airline reservations a priority. Non-refundable tickets will save you money. If you have to change your flight for some reason, you can still use the non-refundable ticket, but you may have to pay a change fee, plus pay the difference if the fare is higher. If you cancel your flight, your non-refundable ticket is good for a year and can be applied to a new ticket, but only from that airline.

An Internet fare is a special fare that has restrictions, but the price is right. The best time to purchase an Internet ticket is when you’re sure you can use it for the exact flight you picked. Any changes can be costly. A full fare ticket is completely refundable and can be used for air travel for a year from the purchase date. Always check flight information when you’re traveling. There are always delays, cancellations and flight changes, so it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected, because the unexpected is a big part of air travel.