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Where to Travel to This Summer !

Where to Travel to This Summer

Picking a summer holiday destination can be a nightmare and much depends on your research before booking. Some people may want a relaxing holiday by the beach, some may want to trekking over hills and mountain tops. Whatever your holiday needs may be you can be sure to find some inspiration from our top places to travel this summer guide.Brittany, FranceWith the European football championships taking place pretty much all over France from June Brittany is the place to go as it will not be hosting any of games. Brittany also has some very rich heritage and great coastlines to either spend the afternoon sunbathing on or for taking a scenic drive down the Atlantic coast. You can spend your time in the sailing port of Vannes, or discover the mysterious Broceliande forest where the legend of King Arthur discovered the mythical fountain. There are also many islands to visit such as the beautiful Ile de ré or Ile de groix which both allow visitors to enjoy a relaxed time away from the mainland.MacauMacau is considered to be the gambling mecca of the East, somewhat Las Vegas’ biggest rival to become the gambling capital of the world. There is however much more to Macau, it boasts plenty of culture and sightseeing opportunities for those who want to go beyond the bright lights of Macau. You can visit many cultural hotspots such as the Macau museum of art where you can see contemporary and traditional art. Why not pay a visit to Macau tower, from the top of the tower you can see all across the city which can provide stunning views especially at night.LanzaroteFound within the Canary Islands of Spain Lanzarote is a great summer destination for the whole family. Enjoy days spent lounging on the beach getting a tan all your friends will be jealous of or dive into some culture by visiting the national park for some great scenic and volcanic tours. Another great feature of this Island are the summer markets, held by locals throughout the summer these markets will allow you meet and haggle with the locals and really throw you into their culture. It is a great experience and Lanzarote really allows you to enjoy a holiday at your own pace. A definite must for the summer of 2016.Take not of these top destinations as they choosing to go to either of them will make your summer a whole lot brighter, don’t just take our word for it. Get your suitcases packed and passports at the ready and find out for yourselves.

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Summer holiday destination; Brittany, France, Macau and Lanzarote

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