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Travel Tips for Discovering Houston

Houston Night

So you are coming to the big city on your next vacation? It's the New York City of the south, Houston, TX. Before you make your trip here, be sure to read these travel tips. Although mainly known for its booming business, Houston offers a wide variety of attractions, happenings and night life.   
No metro system compares to that of the NY subway system, but Houston has been working to create easier ways of getting around downtown. A rail system gets you all around the city and provides you access to attractions and lodgings. Quality places to stay such as the Hotel Zaza, Hilton and other hotel chains are right near the museum district.

Museum of Natural Science
Museum of Natural Science

Houston has an active museum district with the Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, The Children's Museum, and countless others. Depending on the time of year, many museums offer free or discounted admission. Each museum offers quality exhibits that will please both the young and old at heart.  
Looking for a little more excitement, Houston has an active club and bar scene. There are various open mic nights around the city at McGonigel's Mucky Duck or Pearl Lounge, as well as others throughout the city and on different nights of the week. Howl at the Moon, a piano bar, offers a romantic yet entertaining evening for a date or friends. All these places and more are near the heart of the city. Houston has many areas both close and in the outer laying areas to get you moving and keep you entertained.  
Houston is surrounded by Kemah which is home to the Kemah Boardwalk, which has shops, rides and multiple places to eat. Galveston is not far off either. Moody Gardens is a main attraction of the island. The center has an aquarium and rainforest, as well as seasonal events. Galveston is an island, so visitors could just spend the day simply walking the beach and strolling the shops.  
Whether you are a native Houstonian or a first time visitor, there is always something new to discover here. Come get a big Southern welcome and see what all this big city of the South has to offer you. You won't leave disappointed.


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Houston has an active museum district with the Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, The Children's Museum, and countless others

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