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 Families everywhere are looking forward to their summer holiday. Many have already begun the planning process and are trying to choose their destination. This is a guide to some of the top destinations for family friendly vacations in 2016.Tokyo, JapanToday’s kids are huge fans of anime cartoons so why not plan a holiday where it all began? The Japanese capital is the site of many anime cartoons. Along with this are many family oriented activities including the Tokyo Sea Life Park and the National Museum or Emerging Science and Innovation(link is external).Las VegasWhile Vegas has long been a place for adults who likes to gamble, be it offline or online at sites like is external), it is now coming into its own as a family friendly city. Many casinos offer activities for families. For instance, Circus Circus includes an amusement park, The Adventure Dome. Full rise rides are offered here as well as miniature golf, bumper cars and laser tag. Expect to find a range of park rides to appeal to a wide range of ages. Paris, FranceWhile Paris offers world renowned landmarks, such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, it also has some great activities for children. The Cite des Enfants(link is external) is one of the world’s best children’s museums. The museum is divided into two parts according to the age of children. Two to seven year olds have their own area while the other features activities geared towards children five to twelve years old.Gold Coast, AustraliaConsider a trip to the Land Down Under to visit Australia’s favourite theme park, Dreamworld. Not only are there numerous rides but many shows as well to give families some down time. Right now, Wiggles’ World is a popular venue based on the popular show.Sun City, South AfricaWithin close proximity to the capital, the Pilanesberg Game Reserve is a place for families to explore African wildlife in its native landscape.  Valley of the Waves is a water park found here and is one of the best in the world.With summer fever heightening, where will you decide to visit in 2016?

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