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Take a Haunted Trip to Europe

Mont St Michel

Travelling is always fun, no matter what interests you have.  The interesting thing about travelling is the ridiculous number of travel guides that are available for whatever kind of sights you are wanting to see.  The age old interest in the paranormal is no stranger to the well traveled.  In almost every country and city you visit there are numerous ghost tours and every site with any history has at least one ghost wandering around to be seen by the very lucky.

[fancy_image path="public://Skirrid-Mountain-Inn.jpg" alt="Skirrid Mountain Inn" title="Skirrid Mountain Inn" caption="Skirrid Mountain Inn - photo Julian Jones" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]

While every country has countless ghost stories and haunted locales, these are a few in Europe that might be worth a visit if you want to creep yourself out.  If you really want to be scared maybe the late night, haunted tour isn't such a bad idea.

[fancy_image path="public://Mont-St-Michel.jpg" alt="Mont St Michel" title="Mont St Michel" caption="Mont St Michel - photo by Bruxelles5" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]

France has a history dating back centuries and has numerous ghostly locations.  One of the most famed locations that dates back to Roman times is the catacombs. You'll see more bones and creepy tunnels than you'll know what to do with on the tour.  The Louvre, while housing some of the world's most famous art pieces is also reputed to be haunted.  It was originally a fortress, with a fully functional dungeon, so I guess this isn't quite as surprising as some might find it.  Check out Mont St Michel.  There are supposed to be some ghostly monks wandering around, but if you miss them the visit to the medieval village is worth the trip.  My last visit would be to Chateau de Chateaubriant. Beautiful and haunted and a castle; could this trip get any better.  If they will let you in at midnight on October 16th there is supposedly a ghostly procession that will make every hair on your body stand up.

[fancy_image path="public://Chateau-de-Chateaubriant.jpg" alt="Chateau de Chateaubriant" title="Chateau de Chateaubriant" caption="Chateau de Chateaubriant - photo dbykowski(flickr)" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]

The United Kingdom has just as much history as France and their haunted locations might just be a little creepier.  The most prominent place haunt is the Tower of London.  Central, well known, and easily identifiable; the Tower is a must see on any vacation to the London area.  Less well known, but just as haunted is Berry Pomeroy Castle.  Built just before the War of the Roses it may have been the last true castle built in England.  Moving North to Wales you will come to the quaint little inn known as Skirrid Mountain Inn.  Located in the village of Llanvihangel Crucorney it was thought to be used as the local courthouse and saw hundreds of hangings over the past thousand years.  You can even see the rope burns on some of the ancient oaken beams.  The best part is even if you don't sight a ghost you can always grab a good pint.

[fancy_image path="public://Tower-of-London.jpg" alt="Tower of London" title="Tower of London" caption="Tower of London - photo Bob Collowan" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]

[fancy_image path="public://Berry-Pomeroy-Castle.jpg" alt="Berry Pomeroy Castle" title="Berry Pomeroy Castle" caption="Berry Pomeroy Castle - photo Paul Mingo" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]

To the East lies the country of Germany; as if you couldn't figure that out from a map.  There are some wonderfully haunted locations in good old Deutschland and a better mix of new and old.  One of the most haunting, if not haunted is the concentration camp at Dachau.  Spirits are known to wander the old camp grounds.  Check out Castle Frankenstein, even if just for the sake of seeing an awesome castle and telling your friends you got to visit the home of the real Frankenstein.  Whether you catch a glimpse of the knight and his lady, this castle is both picturesque and creepy.  Eltz Castle is in much the same category.  Fun to visit for the sake seeing a wonderfully preserved medieval German castle and possibly catching a ghost or two while you are at it.

[fancy_image path="public://camp-at-Dachau.jpg" alt="camp at Dachau" title="camp at Dachau" caption="Camp at Dachau - photo Todd Digital" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]

[fancy_image path="public://Castle-Frankenstein.jpg" alt="Castle Frankenstein" title="Castle Frankenstein" caption="Castle Frankenstein - photo Yvo G" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]

There is more history in Europe than can fit in one post and more haunted sites to capture the attention of even the most avid ghost hunter.  It seems like everywhere you turn there is a beautiful building with a story to tell.  Whether you are looking for haunted sites or just interesting; Europe has more than you could ever hope to pack into one vacation.  Looks like you might have to go back for seconds.

[fancy_image path="public://Eltz-Castle.jpg" alt="Eltz Castle" title="Eltz Castle" caption="Eltz Castle - photo robert.molinarius" lightbox="true"][/fancy_image]


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In almost every country and city you visit there are numerous ghost tours and every site with any history has at least one ghost wandering around to be seen by the very lucky.

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