Old West Travel Guide; Discover Historic Houston, TX

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Old West Travel Guide; Discover Historic Houston, TX

Market Square Historic District

The history of Houston, TX, named for former Tennessee Governor Sam Houston, plays like the pages of a wild-west novel. In April of 1836, Sam Houston led Texas troops in a battle of revenge against Mexico over the slaughter at the Alamo, and was quickly named President of the Republic of Texas in return. The town of Houston soon became capitol of the Republic of Texas, and its spot near the swampy river of Buffalo Bayou as well as its proximity to the port of Galveston, made it the perfect location through which railroads and wagons full of good would travel. Population boomed, and Houston is now the 4th largest city in the United States. However its heritage is not to be forgotten. Catch a glimpse of the old west with this travel guide to 4 Houston historic Sites:

Sam Houston Park

Sam Houston Park
Sam Houston Park - photo Paul Bubel(flickr)

In the shadows of downtown Houston’s towering, modern skyscrapers you’ll find 10 historic buildings showcased in Sam Houston Park. Construction dates for the structures range from between 1823 and 1905. The Old Place is the oldest building on exhibit; revealing what life in untamed, early Texas was like for a typical pioneer family. The Kellum-Noble House was built in 1847 on the very spot where it is still found, and was once the location of one of Houston’s first in-home schools. Another notable home in the park is the Nichols-Rice-Cherry House. Built in 1850, this home is a classic example of how the wealthy lived in old-west Texas. Other structures on site include the Pilot House, the Baker Family Playhouse and St. John Church. With a museum gallery depicting life on the frontier, this is the ideal place to visit on a hot, Houston day.

Bayou Bend

Bayou Bend
Bayou Bend - photo mart_brown (flickr)

Bayou Bend Gardens
Bayou Bend Gardens photo Nelwyn (flickr)

Bayou Bend was one of the original homes built in Houston’s River Oaks community. This grand former home of Miss Ima Hogg is located on 14 beautiful acres, and is now the location of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Stroll the immaculately manicured gardens and discover the large collection on display within this stunning, 28 room mansion. Over 4700 period pieces from the early 1600s to the late 1800s are found inside Bayou Bend.

Market Square Historic District

Market Square Historic District
Market Square Historic District - photo waymarking.com

If the weather permits, spend some time exploring the Market Square Historic District and find the spot where the founder’s of Houston first docked their boat; Allen’s landing. Built in 1912 on the spot where the old Republic of Texas Capitol building once stood, the Rice Hotel has been converted to Post Rice Lofts and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you have a special occasion you’d like to celebrate in a big way, consider the Crystal Ballroom at Post Rice Lofts. Originally constructed as part of the historic hotel, the ballroom has been renovated to its full, pervious glory.   

La Carafe

La Carafe
La Carafe - photo by Richart (flickr)

Wrap up your trip to Market Square Historic District with a glass of wine at La Carafe. Considered the oldest bar in Houston, the La Carafe building was constructed in 1847 and first housed The Kennedy Bakery. Confederate soldiers were served biscuits baked in that very bakery during the Civil War. Later, a Pony Express station was in the spot, and then La Carafe opened in the 1950’s. La Carafe is now a cozy wine bar enjoyed by the 21 and over crowd.

Interior View of La Carafe, Houston
Interior View of La Carafe, Houston - photo by Michael-Ann (flickr)

Tour historic Houston and discover it's intriguing heritage; the heritage of the old west. For more information on traveling in the United States, take a look at the USA Travel Guide at photos4travel.

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Catch a glimpse of the old west with this travel guide to 4 Houston historic Sites:

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