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Communicating in a Foreign Language

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Communicating in a Foreign Language - Travel Tips - Photos4travel

Most people who travel to a country where another language is spoken, find themselves in a very unfamiliar world. If you take a few simple steps while you’re planning the trip you can speak in that language and be understood. Most of your vacation activities involve eating, hotel experiences, beach activities and sightseeing. If you learn just a few phrases in your host countries language you can be understood and get what you need.

Phrases like Hello, how are you? Where is the restaurant? What time is it and other simple phrases will make a big difference. Learn some food words. Learn how to ask directions and learn how to say thank you and you’re welcome and phrases like, I love your country. You can study on the Internet or you can buy a book of phrases in your host country’s language. Study for thirty minutes a day for a week and you’ll be able to communicate your needs on a basic level. When you reach out and touch someone in their language you become more than a tourist, you become a friend.