Eight Activities That Will Definitely Raise Your Heart Rate

Eight Activities That Will Definitely Raise Your Heart Rate, Activity & Adventure Holidays, Destination Ideas

1. Bungee jumping IN Queenstown, In New Zealand.

Bungee jumping was originated many years ago as a coming-of-age ritual on the nearby islands of Vanuatu and it can make your knees weak while thinking about it. Queenstown's high energy approach to pastime will get you excited - and until now, everyone has lived to tell something about it as well as an 84 year aged grandpa.

2. Rafting the Zambezi River in Zambia.

It is no small wonder rafting fanatics name it the "Slambezi." Barreling the narrow basalt chasms at the foot of Victoria Falls, the magnificent Zambezi, stirns up some bloodcurdling drops and classic white water rapids.

3. Dune-hopping in Natal, Brazil

Natal gives prominence to miles and miles of enormous white dunes. Rent beach buggy with four wheels or better yet, leave the driving to a local buguiero. He'll pilot your equipment across the moving sands and through whirling turns like an Indy driver.

4. Shark Rodeo at Walker's Cay, Abacos Islands in Bahamas

At this old-time smuggler's shelter, you can swim among a hundred or more sharks, be confident that these magnificent creatures gnawing at their frozen "chumsicle" of fish carcass will be too disturbed by their snack .

5. The Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky.

At Churchill Downs, you can't refrain but yield to the excitement of the Kentucky Derby. When you hear the crowds rumble as the Thoroughbreds thunder down the track, you may readily see why the race is named as "the greatest two minutes in sports."

6. Skiing the Interconnect in Wasatch Range In Utah.

Ski the wilderness in a jaunt that connects five ski resorts Brighton, Park City, Snowbird, Solitude, and Alta. It’s not for bunnies and it offers amazing sceneries and miles of unspoiled powder.

7. Running with the bulls, Pamplona, In Spain.

it's sometimes difficult to know the difference between an endorphin high and a testosterone overdose, especially at the Festival de San Fermin, when hundreds of sangria drunk lunatics hounded by snorting bulls.

8. Paragliding Angel Falls in Puerto Ordaz, In Venezuela.

Angel Falls which is 3212 feet tall, is one and a half times higher than the Empire State Building. Try to catch a thermic draft, and your breath, as you paraglide in tandem off the top of the falls you can possibly be scared , but you’re in safety with the instructor leashed to your back.