Travel Hot Spots: 4 Places to Enjoy NYC Nightlife on the Lower East

NYC Nightlife

NYC’s nightlife is ever changing. That’s part of what makes it so intriguing. On any given night, you can typically catch a new night club opening or bar promotion taking place somewhere in the five boroughs. So with that in mind, we wanted to highlight four travel hot spots that are perfect for rubbing cocktail stirs with NYC’s ultra chic:

The Skylark (West 39th Street)

The Skylark
The Skylark

One stunning, relatively new place to go in Manhattan is The Skylark. It sits on the 30th floor of a classic NYC skyscraper, so the views are particularly jaw-dropping. The drinks and bar bites are out of this world too. Try the black walnut Manhattans with the spiced almonds or the bar’s signature drink, The Skylark.  

Hudson Malone (East 53rd Street)

Hudson Malone
Hudson Malone

If you can live by Doug Quinn’s laws, and who wouldn’t want to, Hudson Malone is for you. NYC’s venerable bartender has managed to convert a former dress shop into a cocktail napkin down favorite on the Lower East Side. The joint just opened and Quinn’s mojo is already in full effect. Stop in for a cocktail, meal or friendly conversation. You choose.

Leave Rochelle Out of It (Chrystie Street)

Leave Rochelle Out of It
Leave Rochelle Out of It - photo:

Leave Rochelle Out of It is another fabulous and fairly new spot to wet your whistle with friends. Located on Chrystie Street, they serve cocktails and tempting nibbles. Among the best are the chef’s whiskey wings and warm, marinated olives. Wash them down with an aged bourbon or an authentic Brown Derby.

The King Cole Bar & Salon (East 55th Street)

The King Cole Bar & Salon
The King Cole Bar & Salon - photo

Feeling a little retro? Practice throwing around your best 1920s colloquialisms and head to East 55th Street. There you’ll find The King Cole Bar & Salon. Situated inside of the St. Regis, it is home to the famous Red Snapper and top shelf, vintage cognac. Of course you’ll also find a wonderful atmosphere and gourmet food too.

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